Program to store files encrypted in a "vault"

When getting 1Password, I also looked at using it to store certain files, as it would be encrypted. But learned it isn't really setup for that.

Does anyone know of a program for Windows that will let you encrypt the whole drive and/or also have something like a "vault" that is encrypted that you could put files in so you can store those files encrypted in a single place like the "vault"?

I have used Truecrypt in the past to encrypt entire hard drives before, but didn't use it long as they quit supporting it.

But what I was looking at is a program that would let you encrypt files and store them in something like a "vault" like what 1Password does. Obviously the program would have to use strong encryption to protect from hacks, etc.

The nice thing is you might could use a really long/strong password that you store in 1Password.


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    Hi @baker,

    My first thought, prior to reaching that portion of your message, was to recommend TrueCrypt. I had not realized that it was discontinued and is likely currently broken. Unfortunately I don't have any further suggestions. You may be able to find some ideas by searching for TrueCrypt replacements though.


  • The makers of Truecrypt suddenly dropped support and told people to dump it and start using Microsoft's Bitlocker. Though Bitlocker is only available on certain Windows OS platforms. So home editions, for example, can't even use Bitlocker. And don't even know how secure it is with regards to the government wanting backdoors in everything.

    The rumor going around is that Truecrypt might have been approached by the government to put a backdoor in, and they dropped it instead of putting a back door into the program.

    Looking around and it looks like Agilebits has "Knox" for Mac. Now this looks like it may be what I'm looking for. Can Agilebits have a "Knox" program for Windows?

    I like the idea of being able to encrypt the whole drive, or encrypt a single partition, or have an encrypted "vault" similar to 1Password's vault to store files you want to be kept encrypted at all times.

    Though I will say Bitlocker does look interesting in that I believe it can also encrypt certain files/folders that the OS uses that can/are targeted by malware and viruses.

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    Can Agilebits have a "Knox" program for Windows?

    Unfortunately probably not with the current state of things. The underlying technology for Knox is Mac specific.

    For what it is worth, Steve Gibson has a rather interesting page on the state of TrueCrypt:

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    I do know some people still say that Truecrypt should still be "safe". Though others say when the developers tell you their security program isn't "safe", then you shouldn't trust the program anymore. Not counting the fact that they suddenly dropped support and shut it down without warning or good explanation.

    The other problem with Truecrypt is you can't still get the program from the authentic website. It's been removed. So you'll have to get the Truecrypt program from 3rd party websites, which isn't advisable.

    Though there are others having and/or coming out with their own encryption similar to Truecrypt.

    Looking at your link, looks like they provide a download link of the 7.1a program. Though it does look like they give you a warning about the authenticity of the files. If you download that 7.1a program from someplace, there will be a risk as it will have to be downloaded from 3rd party sources.

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    Hi @baker,

    It's great to hear that you are putting so much thought into the security of your data! I'm sorry that we don't have a better answer for you here. Perhaps some of our forum community members will be able to give you some better suggestions on alternatives.

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