1 Password 5 on desktop (Yosemite). Need 1Password 4 on MacBook Pro (Mountain Lion)

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I've got a paid license for 1Password 5 which I am using on Yosemite on my iMac. I rarely use my laptop (Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion), and after my current experiences with Yosemite, I am not at all eager to upgrade my laptop. I currently have the latest version of 1Password 3 installed on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to be syncing with Dropbox properly. I have no idea what to do, but this is both frustrating and infuriating as I cannot find any indication within 1Password to show me the sync status. All I can see is that dropbox is installed, but not running. Dropbox itself indicates that it is synced.

Also, I cannot find any way to download 1Password 4, which I am supposed to be entitled to.

Please help!!!

= Ed Rotberg =


  • GonzoGonzo Junior Member

    I think I have this figured out now. Thanks,

    = Ed =

  • Hi @Gonzo,

    Sorry we didn't get to your thread in time to assist but great to hear you think you have it all sussed out. On the small off-chance that turns out not to be the case we'll leave this thread open and simply post back with whatever the issue is :smile:

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