Multiple Licenses - 8 person team sharing a vault using different passwords?

Why is my entire team able to access the same vault with different passwords. I guess this means that if I change my master password, they can still access the vault?

The vault is currently being synced through Dropbox. I created the initial shared vault and it is my secondary vault.

Please explain.


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @kinger128 ,

    I'm not sure what your set-up is here, but it sounds like your team is sharing a secondary vault. This is actually recommended procedure for sharing vaults. In this scenario, each member of the team would set up 1Password on their computer as a new user, with their own primary vault and their own super-secure secret Master Password. Then the team member will add the shared vault (using that vault's Master Password.)

    When each team member accesses 1Password, they will use their own super-secure secret Master Password to unlock their vault. It will unlock their primary vault, and all secondary vaults so that they can have easy access to all their data without having to enter different passwords for each vault all the time.

    Is this the way your team has 1Password set up? If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know a bit more about your team's set up with 1Password, and we can investigate further.

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