Master PW screen keeps popping up when trying to sync

I have set up the WiFi sync and entered the key, have the screen open on my PC and I log in with my Master key on my PC, that works, then it pops up on my iOS device to do the same, I put the same password and it keeps popping up the enter password screen on my device, there is no connection even when it recognizes my computer and takes the secret.


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @sikora82,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with 1Password! That certainly sounds a bit frustrating, but to make sure I understand the problem, are you having trouble entering your Master Password on your iOS device? Or does it keep asking you to enter the "secret" that you see in 1Password for Windows? After you enter it on your iOS device, what exactly happens? Do you get any error messages?

    Also, was this previously working, or are you trying to set up Wi-Fi sync for the first time? Do you already have data in 1Password on your iOS device? Or are you trying to sync your existing vault during the setup?

    If you can give us some more details about what's happening and what you see on your end, we should be able to figure out the best way to troubleshoot the problem and help to get things working for you. Thanks!

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