OSX 10.9.5 VS 10.10.2 compatibility issues

Recently, on the advise of Apple (because my iMAC is a 2005 model) I reset my OS from Yosemite to Maverick on my iMAC, however on my Macbook pro, I am running Yosemite. When I loaded 1 Password on my iMAC, the iCloud and Dropbox versions didn't recognize each other.
After exhausting hours of futile attempts, I gave up and told 1Password that this was new versus I've used it before.
I guess it set up a whole new account and I am now lost and don't know what to do.
My iMAC won't speak with my MACbook pro.
Does anyone out there know of a fix for this self induced predicament?
Gees that may not even be the problem, I hope.
Other than changing back to Yosemite on my iMAC.
Ps: I deleted 1Password on my iMAC but when I reloaded it, it recognized that it had been previously loaded and just skipped over the "I am new vs I've used it before" and just asked me for my password.
Which presented another issue, I can't get rid of 1 Password to reset the settings for syncing purposes.

Lost and Confused


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    @rsandoval23001: Ouch! That sounds like a bit of a predicament, but we should be able to get this sorted out for you, one step at a time.

    First thing's first: between the iMac and the MacBook Pro, does one of them have all your correct 1Password data currently? If I understand correctly, it sounds like maybe the MacBook Pro does, but I want you to verify that before we go any further so you don't lose anything. If your all your data is in 1Password, we're on the right track.

    Next, open 1Password, go to the 1Password menu > Preferences > Sync and note the location. It should look something similar to this:

    Do you have it set up to use Dropbox, iCloud, or no sync set up at all? If you were previously using iCloud to sync your 1Password data, your iMac running Mavericks (10.9) will not be able to access it, since iCloud sync in Yosemite operates differently (only devices using Yosemite or iOS 8 will be able to read it). You will need to use Dropbox to sync your data between your two computers while one or more are using Mavericks.

    Let me know what you find, and we will get you back up-and-sync'ing! :)

  • Hi @rsandoval23001,

    brenty is correct about iCloud. Apple made some dramatic changes to it when they released iOS 8 and Yosemite. We make use of these changes as they're meant to mean a significantly improved iCloud Sync but it does mean iCloud Sync between 1Password 4 and 5 is now incompatible. It's either all 1Password 5 or all 1Password 4 and if you've upgraded to iCloud Drive then just to let you know that particular action is irreversible.

    The good news is Dropbox works for anything running Snow Leopard or newer (AKA OS X 10.6) so that should work after we've ironed out the kinks.

    With regards to your iMac. Do you have the Dropbox service installed and is it saying everything is synchronised? This FAQ on Dropbox's site might help you answer that, How do I know when Dropbox is syncing?

    Once you know Dropbox is working and synced we're one step closer.

    How well does this summary describe your 1Password situation?

    • The vault in 1Password 5 on your MacBook Pro contains everything.
    • The vault in 1Password 4 on your iMac is empty and you want rid of it.
    • You have no other devices currently syncing with the MacBook Pro.

    Assuming that summary is correct here is what I would suggest.

    1. On your MacBook Pro open 1Password and select the following drop down menu option Help > Troubleshooting > Reset iCloud Data. That deletes the iCloud Sync data which you may as well get rid of so at some point in the future this old sync data doesn't come back to haunt you.
    2. On your MacBook Pro and still in 1Password, if you are already syncing to Dropbox please note where the 1Password.agilekeychain is being stored. The location isn't fixed but the default is ~/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain. You can skip step 3 in this case.
    3. If you aren't syncing right now then now is a good time to clean up Dropbox. Move all the .agilekeychain's out of Dropbox and store them somewhere safe just in case you need them. Then set up Sync with Dropbox. You may not need that link if you've done this before and know what you're doing.
    4. Turning your attention to your iMac, double check and make sure you can see the 1Password.agilekeychain you just created on your MacBookPro, it should be visible in Dropbox.
    5. Still on your iMac, you want to remove the existing (and I assume) empty vault which you can do by following our Starting Over guide.
    6. You can then say you're an existing user and point 1Password on your iMac to Dropbox where the files should be.

    If any part of the summary is incorrect obviously don't follow those steps. Instead let us know where my assumptions are incorrect and we can adjust the steps to suit.

  • Hi Bentley and littlebobbyt.
    Yes, 1PW is up and running in my MBP(MacbookPro).
    it is totally functional. I will try to use my Dropbox to sync them.
    I will post it for you if it works or if I run into any issues.
    Thanks Guys

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    Oops, didn't proof read. Brently and littlebobbytables.
    Sorry about that on my behalf.
    Either way, I will keep in touch.


  • Look forward to hearing how you get along :smile:

  • Dudes! both of you are the best!
    Plain and simple, it worked, to the letter!
    This level of assistance would have taken weeks from Agilebits.
    I've had to deal with them on two different occasions and they are overwhelmed and overworked.
    Don't get me wrong, the're a great bunch but it damn near takes an act of congress to touch bases with them.

    Sincerely, and sarcasim aside, thank you both so very much.
    You have made my cyber life bearable.


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    @rsandoval23001 - I thought it was worth pointing out that you have indeed been getting support here from AgileBits. @littlebobbytables works there, as you can see from the notation on the right side of all of his posts. I would also comment that I've never been on the forum any day of the week when someone from AgileBits wasn't helping users.

    Glad your helpers got you going.

  • Glad to hear we could help you get things running again smoothly @rsandoval23001 :smile:

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