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I have purchased ios pro version of the app and it is great. I have also downloaded the demo of the window app to see whether the functionality is good enough for the purchase. When I wifi sync the application the records seem to sync fine between devices. This is only if you add a new record in one device it syncs to the other. But if you change the details of an existing record and sync the changes won't be synced to the other device. I tried this with router accounts and when the wireless password changes it won't sync to windows. Could it be because it is a demo? If not changing information in two platforms separately is not the way to automate password management.


  • Hi there!

    We're aware of a syncing bug between 1Password 5 for iOS, version 5.2.1 and 1Password 4 for Windows.
    Which version of 1Password 4 for Windows are you using?

  • Many thanks for your reply.
    Actually I've uninstalled the windows version due to this error to go Dropbox way. But looked at the file I downloaded file it is

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    Could you check for updates again, please? We released version today with a number of syncing-related fixes.
    This version, combined with Dropbox sync should eliminate the problems.

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