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I'm hoping someone can help. I've been scratching my head for ages about syncing issues I'm having with Dropbox. I noticed my Mac wasn't syncing and it appeared to be because of an issue with being unable to access dropbox. I've resolved that finally (although it has taken me about 6 months to get round to that) and 1P4 is confirming it is syncing now but nothing is showing in Dropbox as updated nor is it updating with changes I have made on 1P5 on my phone. I'm not sure whether the syncing is a problem because of different 1P versions (although I would doubt that) or something else. Given the time it has taken me to get to this stage my 1P databases are at least 6 months out of sync.......how can I get them synced and working going forwards without losing my info? Any help/thoughts much appreciated.


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    Hi @Robjeat,

    Sorry to hear you've been having such a time with Dropbox, it does normally work pretty well.

    So just to let you know that the syncing issue isn't related to using multiple versions of 1Password. We have users with environments where they're using 1Password 3-5 and it works as the agilekeychain format hasn't changed.

    So we've got:

    • a Mac running 1Password 4
    • an iPhone running 1Password 5

    That tells me your iPhone is running iOS 8.X and that your Mac is running either Mountain Lion or Mavericks.

    So the first thing to check is to see if both copies of 1Password are syncing to the same keychain.

    On your Mac launch 1Password and enter 1Password's preferences. Switch to the Sync tab. It should say you're syncing with Dropbox and it should also say where the .agilekeychain is. For 1Password 4 it should look a little like this

    On your iPhone you want to open 1Password and follow these steps to see the path that 1Password for iOS is using. Please ignore the red arrow pointing to the Disable Sync button, it's actually my screenshot for showing how to disable Sync but it's also the same sequence to discover the Dropbox path which you can see in the final screen just below where it says Dropbox.

    Now if both are pointing to different locations we know what the source of the issue is. If they're pointing to the same .agilekeychain then it's potentially a little messier as they should be syncing already.

    Let us know the answer to this part and we can proceed from there.

  • Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, they appear to be the same address. Both say the same: Dropbox/1Password.agilekeychain. Both are now also saying they are syncing but I'm not seeing recent additions sync across both.........

    Also note that I am now on Mavericks but I had the problem when I was on Mountain Lion too.

  • Hi @Robjeat,

    Okay, lets try the following.

    1. Using the image I posted before I would like you to disable Dropbox Sync on your iOS device.
    2. Then I would like you to disable Dropbox Sync on your Mac. In 1Password's preferences switch to the Sync tab and click on the Change Syncing... button. Before you click on the Disable Sync button I would like you to check the box for Delete data from Dropbox. This will delete just the 1Password.agilekeychain. Give Dropbox a moment to synchronise all of this.
    3. I would like you to now re-enable Dropbox Syncing on your Mac
    4. Still on your Mac I would like you to change to the Backup tab and click on the Backup Now button.
    5. Back to your iOS device. I would like you to open 1Password and go to Settings > Advanced > Create Backup.
    6. At this stage you now have a backup on both devices before we initiate syncing. That's out safety net. I would now like you to enable Dropbox Syncing on your iOS device.

    Given the issues you've been having their is the potential for conflicts. Once it has confirmed syncing is complete I would like you to go back to you Mac where it will be easier to find these conflicts. In the main 1Password window you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌃⌥⌘F to open the Search Options. If you set it to Search : All Items and Conflict fields are present, this will show you all items that have conflicts as discovered by 1Password. If you save this query (it's saved as a smart folder) then you can easily locate them and edit over time.

    If you have any issues or questions please do let us know.

  • Thanks. It worked like a dream and i only have 8 conflicts! One last question.......I want to upgrade my 1P on the Mac but not sure whether to upgrade my existing directly or go for the App store version. What is the key difference and what would you recommend?

    Thanks again

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    Hi @Robjeat,

    Good to hear that worked out for you. :)

    The differences are minimal between the App Store version of 1Password and the AgileBits Store version. The biggest difference is iCloud Sync that we can only offer via the AppStore now.

    I'd stick with what you've got. It sounds like you have a 1Password 4 license already, which works to unlock 1Password 5, so it should be a free upgrade.

    I hope this helps.


  • Great- free upgrade it then. Thanks again for the quick response and invaluable help.

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    You're welcome. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


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