how to do multiple passwords

meljturnermeljturner Junior Member
Perhaps it's me but I can't find a simple method to use 1P on the iPad to follow an online purchase dialogue. The typical process is to sign in to a store using the 1P browser (no problem), put stuff in my shopping cart then select PayPal, for example. It goes to the PayPal site but then I need the second password - now how do that? On my iMac the password is filled out, but not on the iPad. If I go back to 1P I lose the current context and have to start over. Isn't 1P supposed to recognize when I go to a new site?


  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    You are correct that that is an error with 1Password's browser's logic. We hope to have this issue fixed in a future update, along with some other things. I'm not sure when, though. Stay tuned!
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