Problem with Safari Extension - Error Message "Problem with Database........"

Within last few days, with no system config changes, I get the following error message when I log into 1 Password extension in Safari - "Problem with Database. Extension database not available. Please press Command-Option-Q to restart your browser and discard invalid" (stops here - can see no more.) Followed instructions - NG. Uninstalled and reinstalled Safari extension - NG. Can sign in to 1Password in the app but not the extension. Can open a browser page with 1Password and the id/pwd from the app. System data: 1 Password - Version 3.8.21 build 32009; Safari - Version 7.1.3; OSX Version 10.9.5. Assistance needed.


  • Additional comment. 1 Password indicates an update is available - 3.8.22 (build #32010). Try to install and each time get the following error - "an error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again." Happens every time I try to update.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @phrankx,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with the 1Password extension and also with trying to download the update! I've moved your discussion to our forum specifically for 1Password 3 for Mac.

    You should be able to solve the problem with the browser extension by following the steps here.

    As for the error message you get when trying to install the update, I'm not sure why that's happening, but you can download version 3.8.22 from this site. Once it downloads, unzip the file (if necessary) and move the new app to the Applications folder, replacing the older version.

    I hope that helps, but let us know if you're still having trouble with any of that. Thanks!

  • Well, I gave it the old try but I got no file found and 1password.safariextz files anywhere. Reinstalled and ended up with the same problem. Now looking into an upgrade of 1Password.

  • HI @phrankx,

    I have heard of issues extracting 1Password from a zip but only if a third party application was used, I haven't heard of any reports when using the native extractor in OS X. Could that be a possible cause at all? Rather than the link supplied by Drew, I've always just downloaded 1Password 3 from the Legacy section on our AgileBits Download page and have downloaded it a number of times that way for testing purposes.

    As for the extension issue, even if the 1Password.safariextz didn't exist, did you continue with the instructions after that, specifically regarding ~/Library/Safari/Databases/? I wonder if those steps are actually more pertinent to your issue. If there isn't anything else in the Databases folder I'd be tempted to suggest trashing the entire folder and having Safari recreate it - just in case.

    Let us know how you get along.

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