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Syncing & Drop Box
Though 1Password has been on my computer, I've never used it. So I upgraded to Password 3 and tried to sync with my new iPad. THEN I learned I had to buy 1Password for iPad, so I did. It's there! But when I open it, it says to type in secret answers- WHERE? I've searched 1Password on my computer numerous times, but can find no "sync" button- or place to fill in these passwords! Am I BLIND???

From what I'm reading in forums, syncing works better with Drop Box? so I need to buy Drop Box for my computer, then the app for the iPad?

I don't have an iPhone- AT&T doesn't work well here in Humboldt County, so I have MiFi through Verizon. Just MacBookPro and iPad. Is drop box still advised or will 1Password do all the syncing I need?



  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Hi, Cara, and welcome to the forums!

    We have a troubleshooting guide for Wi-Fi syncing, but if you can sync with Dropbox, that's even better. It is definitely still recommended (as long as you have Wi-Fi access for your iPad). The best thing about it? It's completely free (for 2 GB, which is plenty of space for 1Password's data and much more). You don't even have to download it to your iPad, just your Mac. The best thing I can do for you is link you to our step by step tutorial for setting up Dropbox sync. The guide uses screenshots from the iPhone to save space, but the steps on the iPad are the same.

    Hope that helps!
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