Problem with keyboard shortcut on via Firefox

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There is a thread from July/August last year with the same issue but no resolution mentioned.

I go to the following site:
when I click in one the the username or password fields and press ctrl+\, the search and other items menu shows up.
If I click on the 1password option in this menu, then the first item is ACT which when selected fills in my info.
If I click on the 1password icon in menubar, ACT is also the first item.

Additional, when I fill in the info and select Save New Login... from the settings in the icon from menubar, it does NOT create or attempt to create a new login.

I am running firefox 36.0.1 on Windows 7x64.
Firefox plugin 4.2.5

I am attempting to convert from Lastpass which I have used for several years, but rethinking due to a number of little issues I keep bumping into.
I use a Mac, Windows and ios devices and need to keep all in sync.



  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @brettdog,

    Is ACT the only site that it happens on? I can reproduce the problem and filed a bug report to investigate it.

    Strangely, it works fine in Chrome and Internet Explorer, just not Firefox for this site.

    Clicking on the icon to select ACT does fill in the data for you, correct?

  • svondutchsvondutch

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    @brettdog Confirmed. This is an issue with Firefox in our web browser extension. I have reported this problem to our JavaScript team. Thanks! /cc @MikeT @dteare

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