Dropbox Sync - After "finding" 1P, user must still navigate to find it

Although on iOS you give the user a list of found vaults, when you are on android (at least my phone) and on a new install of 1P, you look for the vaults but the user must still navigate their dropbox to find the appropriate vault.


Device Info:
Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I337)
Android 4.3


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hey @srz2! On Android, we first search the default locations in your Dropbox account to see if we recognize a 1Password data folder. If we don't, then we give you the ability to navigate through your Dropbox account and select the data folder you want to use. It's a little different on iOS. We do a quick search through the Dropbox account and look for all 1Password data folders. From here, you can quickly select the data folder you would like to use and continue from there. I'll let the Android team know having this feature would be useful. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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