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I'm not sure how you are feeling, I'm facing a dilemma. One of the examples is Bank Account Wallet item. I have internet banking and like to enter username and password when I need to login. So usually I'll create a Login item. However, I have many other information related to my bank account which fits into the Bank Account Wallet item nicely, but I don't wish to create two items just for one bank account. If I create Login item, I have to create sections with many fields to keep other many information. If I just create Wallet item for bank account, I don't have automatically username and password fill. This applies to many other Wallet and Account items. What's the best way to organize this, or shall we add login in future for all other Wallet and Account items?!


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    Hi @hubpf,

    You should always use Login items for websites that you log-into, so that would mean a Login item for your back accounts.

    For the other information, I found it easier to work with 1Password than against it. This means using the appropriate categories for the data, and this can require several entries. And that is worthwhile, for some of the following reasons:

    1. You'll have shorter field lists in your entries (esp. when you have more than 2 or 3 accounts at a given institute - I have 6 at one bank).
    2. You don't have to re-create all the relevant stock fields and types from one card type to another (e.g. Bank Account fields --> Login entry).
    3. You don't have to copy / paste those fields when you need another Login for the same institute, nor have to keep the data synchronized across entries should some of the data change.

    Typically you don't need data from both a (bank) Login and a Bank Account at the same time - when you're logged into the banks website, your Bank Account information is already known to them. And when you need your Bank Account information, you're typically on another site, or filling out some forms, or responding to some rep. on the phone. In those cases where you need all the data, just use Search to find all your, say Wells Fargo entries, and all the data is there, easily selectable in 1Password.

    The other alternative is to place data in Notes, but then you loose the ability to Conceal/Reveal certain data like PINs, etc.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi @hubpf,

    MrC has great advice on this. Plus, your main bank account information will not change often compared to your username, password and the site addresses. That's why you should only put the latter three in the Login item while the rest are stored in the bank account item.

    In rare situations where if the Login doesn't work on the site and you have to create a brand new Login for it to work, you'd have to re-enter everything into the new Login item. Thus, the least amount of data you store in your Logins and more goes to other categories, the better it will work out in the future.

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    Hi @hubpf,

    Since this is not related to the beta, I've moved this to the general Windows forum for you.

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