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Now this is not the most earth shattering problem report :-) but on occasion, and in particular right now, the number of items displayed in 1Password may be different from the number of items recorded in the backup filename.

Now this sounds like a trivial error, but if you are diagnosing Windows-IOS 1Password sync problems, as I was last night, it causes confusion and leads you down blind alleys. (Not to worry - my sync problems were resolved by reinstalling Windows Dropbox.)

Right now my 1Password on Windows reports 8 Favourites, 68 Logins, 17 Wallet, 8 Secure Notes, 2 Identities for a total of 103, but when I manually create a backup the filename is 1Password 2015-03-27 082841 (102 items).agilekeychain_zip.

What gives? Any ideas? Thanks.

Dave Ings


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    Hi @ings,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us about this, I do apologize for the confusion.

    Favorites are not counted, so don't include this since you're already counting the same items from other categories. Favorites aren't items but rather existing items that have been marked as favorites.

    That drops your item count down to 95 items. I don't see the item count for Generated Passwords, which should be included. Go to the View Menu > Generated Passwords in the 1Password application to add it to your sidebar. I'm guessing it is 7 items to equal 102 items?

  • Bingo @MikeT !! That's exactly right! Thanks so much.

    P.S. I love 1Password - have it installed on Windows, OS X and multiple IOS devices - keep up the great work!

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    @ings: Mike knows his stuff. I'm glad that he was able to solve the mystery for you! I'll admit I've gotten stuck on that myself in the past.

    Thanks so much for your support! You just keep on being awesome and we will continue to work to exceed your expectations. :chuffed:

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