I have 1Password app on android device. Unfortunately my phone was formated and app was deleted. It has my passwords can I have a way to get them back?


  • Hi @RISHI,

    Can I ask, while you used 1Password for Android, did you ever set up syncing with Dropbox?

    The reason I ask is unless the user specifically sets up syncing, your vault was only ever stored in that copy of 1Password. Unlike some other offerings out there, 1Password stores the vault locally and we leave the control over where else your vault may live with the user. It's one of the aspects many of our users actually want.

    If you didn't sync the vault and if Android devices don't create backups of the entire phone (I come from an iOS perspective when I say that) then there is a very distinct chance the vault is gone I'm afraid. Do you have any form of backups that may assist here?

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