PPC Macs

I use 1 Pw on my intel Macs and my iOS devices. How do I use it on my old PPC macs?


  • Hi @1passwordstew,

    Well we're going to have to delve into the archives to help you with that one :wink: The last version that supported the Power PC architecture was version 3.5.15 which we released back in September of 2011. Here's a link to that version of 1Password 3.

    Now just to warn you, it may look pretty different from what you're using elsewhere and could very well be missing features. I also know from another recent thread that the last compatible version of Safari doesn't work with extensions so if you want to use the 1Password 3 Browser extension you'll want to consider Firefox 3.6.28. I believe it should work but I don't have a compatible machine to confirm with I'm afraid.

    If you have any follow up questions do please ask.

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