A key data file could not be load - encryptionkeys.js file error

I'm trying to share a vault from my Windows PC to another PC using Dropbox syncing. However, when I click on the 1Password.agilekeychain folder and the "1Password" file in Dropbox on the receiving PC, my browser opens and takes me to the 1Password Anywhere site where I get an error message "Problem loading 1Password data file." I followed your instructions in the user guide and I found that it is the encyrptionKeys.js file which is causing the problem. I was also able to confirm that this file is indeed granted "Full Control" in the Security tab. I then went back to the sending PC and clicked on "repair the 1Password vault" - this change was also synced on the receiving PC. However, I am still getting the same error message now. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • LauraRLauraR

    Team Member

    @jdimitrova - Are you selecting the 1Password vault in your Dropbox folder from the 1Password app on this second Windows PC ? To do this -

    • Run 1Password.
    • Select Preferences > General > Choose Another - select the 1Password.agilekeychain in your Dropbox folder.

    We have a great user guide that explains this in detail.

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