Problems with 1Password

My first time here.

  1. I downloaded 1password 4 and the icon on my home page says so. When I click on the icon, it says "unlock 1password 2". What is wrong?
  2. I was trying to contact 1password but couldn't find out how. Got information on my licenses and information, then lost it. Now 1password says it doesn't recognize my E-mail. I started the new registration process to get here.
  3. This all started because I wanted to list my logins in alphabetical order because they are hard to find.
  4. I'll stop before I make things worse.


  • Please tell us the platform (i.e., OS: Windows, Mac, etc.) on which you're running 1P and I'll move this to the appropriate forum so that you get better help.


  • I'm using Windows 7 and Google Chrome

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    @mdruff99: Thanks for the reply! I hope you don't mind, but I am moving this thread to the Windows section of the forums.

    From your original post, it sounds like you may have more than one copy of 1Password (or multiple vaults), so that might be causing some confusion for you. If you open the main 1Password app, you should be able to determine this.

    File > Reopen 1Password Vault will show you if you've opened more than one at some point. Similarly, make sure the 1Password you expect is what you see when you unlock it, in case you inadvertently have been using more than one vault.

    Finally, over to the right you can click the Title column at the top to sort alphabetically. If, however, you are trying to access your logins using the 1Password extension in Chrome, it will show saved logins appropriate for the website you are currently on. And with the 1Password extension menu open, you can just start typing (or click Search...) to search all of your saved logins.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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