"problem loading 1Password data file" error in ipad

problem solved !!!!

I have 1password in my laptop (Windows Vista 64 bits) and works perfect. Then, I bought 1password pro for my ipad. Now I can`t synchronize my data from my laptop in my Ipad. When I open the folder 1password in my dropbox and then I select 1password.html I get this error: "problem loading 1Password data file". I don´t use Crome, I use Firefox in my laptop.
What am I doing wrong? what I can do?


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    apheredia, welcome to the forum!

    The web browser component built into the Dropbox app isn't capable of displaying the 1Password.html file (a.k.a. 1PasswordAnywhere) correctly. Mobile Safari on your iPad can unlock 1PasswordAnywere and display your data, but there's no to reveal and read your obfuscated passwords.

    To use your 1Password data on an iPad, you'll need one of our 1Password apps, available from the iTunes App Store.

    You use Dropbox only to sync your 1Password data between the 1Password app on your iPad and 1Password for Windows running on your PC, as described in the following documents.

    The "big picture":

    Windows-specific instructions:

    I hope that helps, apheredia. Let us know if you have any other questions.
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