Firefox: is there a setting so the 1Password icon will always be visible in popup windows?

Snow Leopard, 1Password 3.8.22, Firefox 36.0.4, add-ons 3.9.20 & 3.9.21b1.

Several websites turn off all toolbars in their login popup windows. I can usually get the toolbar to display, but it doesn't show add-ons, only the core Firefox functions.

Is there a way to set Firefox to ALWAYS add the 1Password icon to the toolbar? I looked in about:config and nothing stood out...



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    @cyborgsam: I thought there was a keyboard shortcut for displaying the toolbar in Firefox (there is in Safari still), but it appears that there isn't even a menu option for it now (which would allow you to set up a custom shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard). Unfortunately having 1Password in the toolbar doesn't help if the toolbar itself is hidden.

    In the newer versions, 1Password mini runs in the OS X menubar so it is more accessible, but this isn't an option on Snow Leopard, I'm afraid. Are you at least able to use the 1Password Go & Fill keyboard shortcuts ( ⌘⌥\ -- Command+Option+Backslash) to login?

    I hope you don't mind, but I am moving this to the 1Password 3 section of the forum. Please let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

  • cyborgsamcyborgsam Junior Member

    brenty-> I got the keyboard shortcuts working. I had erased them, I set them to my own choice but they wouldn't work. So I set the fill to the default ⌘⌥\ and it's working.

    No problem moving the post, I just wish Agile Bits had the manpower to actively support Snow Leopard. I was running Yosemite but reverted because I needed to get more work done (don't get me started about the decline in OS X reliability...).


  • brentybrenty

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    @cyborgsam: I'm glad that is working for you now. It may be that the key combination you chose was conflicting with another app or service. That happens to me all the time. I wish there were a way to view all active keyboard shortcuts system-wide! >_<

    At any rate, Apple stopped supporting Snow Leopard years ago, so we try to stay current to support new features since that's where most of the install base is. To be clear, while we won't be developing 1Password 3 further, it isn't going away. We're still more than happy to support you (and the rest of our awesome customers!)

    But I hear you regarding Yosemite. I like it, but it can certainly be a bit flaky. Here's hoping for Snow Yosemite in the autumn! ;)

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