Filling on Schwab and

So far I found the Schwab investor page, and won't fill in. I'll look for others.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @forrests,

    Thanks for sharing those sites with us! In order to get a better idea of where things are getting tangled up, I'll need to know a little bit more about your 1Password ecosystem:

    • What is the version number of 1Password that you have installed? (Please include all relevant computers and devices)
    • What is the version number of your operating system (for all computers and devices)?
    • Which browser are you using and what is its version number?
    • What is the version number of your browser extension? (This can normally be found in the browser’s preferences, in the ‘extensions’ pane.)

    The more detail you can provide, the more quickly we'll be able to get you sorted out! :)

    Please note that the first step in troubleshooting when you come across a site that doesn't fill properly with 1Password is to Save a New Login Manually. Let me know if this helps for the two sites you mention above.

  • Version 5.3, iOS 8.21,I browser,extension which came with version 5.3

  • Saved new login and still didn't work. But as I told Dave, I can manually fill in the info in ibrowser and it works fine to open the Schwab site.

  • brentybrenty

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    @forrests: I just tested my AT&T login using both 1Browser and Safari and didn't run into this issue. Is it one in particular that is giving you trouble?

    If it helps, my login item is saved with the following URL:

    But on my iPhone 6 I am redirected to the following (mobile) URL:

    At this point, I use the either 'key' icon in 1Browser or the [⇧] 'share' button in Safari to have 1Password fill it for me. Is this what you're using, or do you have a slightly different setup?

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