In keychain access on iMac, unable to unlock the 1Password keychain.

I'm on an early 2009 iMac running Yosemite. I have tried all the likely passwords and all are rejected. The specific field is labeled: "Keychain Access wants to use the "1Password" keychain. Please enter the keychain password."


  • What version of 1P are you running please? (Go to 1P > About 1Password and tell us exactly what it says there.)


  • Version 5.1 (510027), Mac App Store

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    @gerrydj: Welcome to my nightmare scenario. I had this same issue about a week ago when Keychain didn't properly update my password on some items. Here's how I was able to resolve it:

    1. Make a list -- and check it twice -- of any passwords you have used for any items in your OS X Keychain, including but not limited to user account password, admin password, iCloud password, and any that were previously used for the preceding.
    2. 'Brute force' your Keychain. Open up Keychain Access, click the 'lock' in the upper left, and then unlock it. You'll be prompted for your password both to unlock in general, and to authenticate any individual items which require a different password. Here you will have to use trial and error.
    3. This will reconcile all of your various keychain items, and you can then re-set the password so that they are all using the same one.

    Between using iCloud to unlock my Mac previously, changing my iCloud password, and then switching back to using a regular user account password, it was a bit of a mess. The hardest part is to even understand which password OS X might be asking for (especially on the login screen, since it just has an empty password field).

    From your description, it also sounds like you may have an old 1Password Keychain (pre-AgileKeychain) stored in the OS X Keychain, so keep in mind that this might be a very old password that it is asking for. I hope this helps! :)

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