can't connect to iPad to do backup of 1Password Pro

Dear Sirs:

Trying to follow your instructions for "Getting 1Password data from iOS to Windows" so I can install trial 1Password on Windows and import/sync (goal is dropbox). But my web browsers (IE6(?!), IE8, FireFox, Chrome) won't connect to the address the backup service started gives in 1Password Pro on my iPad. No work from a XP laptop, XP desktop, and an Ubuntu laptop on my home wireless network. Internet access working from all these devices.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support!



  • OK, problem solved, worked on first throw of the dice today from Ubuntu laptop after router re-boot. I cannot assign cause and effect to this since router was working on multiple devices during the problem period including numerous iPad re-boots etc. On with the next step...

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    Welcome to the forums, Ray. Sorry for the late reply, but please let me know if you need any other assistance! :-)
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