DIGITALCYHEE sold 700+ licenses for CleanMyMac3 in 2 days & hope to become CN Reseller for 1Password

Hello, agilebits team

Sorry to post this private talk on the public support forum because we dont find any else places which we can contact you.

Actually, I have contacted you for about 2 year to ask for the same thing. In 2014, I start owned one company which named DIGITALCYHEE and continue doing the reselling for the Non-Chinese software developers companies and our company is growing up with one high speed and bring more benefits to our partners.

Our Website will be moved to from in the coming few months. As you may found that, now our existed store sell more than 800 copies of licenses per month which is much much larger than the first time I emailed to your support team:

Meanwhile, these days we are working on the promotion for CleanMyMac 3 and about 700+ licenses have been sold in the last three days:

Thus, we hope you may re-consider to cooperate with us, bring your 1Password to more Chinese users.

As mentioned before, we are willing to do the first-level customer support for Chinese users, sth like how to activate, how to setting simply. etc. Definitely, the Chinese customer support is essential for you to attract more CN people to purchase one legal license. Don’t you think so?

Thanks and wait for your reply. I am really appreciate that if you can forward my post to the superior.

Wish you have a good day!


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    Hi @1ychee,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. This isn't the proper place for such a discussion, please do email us at [email protected] with a link to this email and someone will follow up.

    The good news is that we are actually working on a Chinese localization for 1Password for Windows and hope to have that out soon.

    By the way, I've moved this to our lounge as this isn't related to Windows support.

    Thanks again!

    ref: DLV-65974-113

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