transfer license from mac to windows

In 2013 I bought a license key for mac, but now I'm using window, I need anyone help me to transfer my license key from Mac to Windows.

Thank you!


  • Hi @Herrerix ,

    You can get a lovely discount on a brand new Windows license by entering your existing license key on our upgrade page. :)

  • I want a transfer, not buy another license :(

  • brentybrenty

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    edited April 2015

    @Herrerix: Unfortunately licenses are non-transferable. However, in special cases (if a customer has bought the wrong version, for example) we can exchange it. But it wouldn't be fair to swap a Mac license from 2011 for a license for the newest version of 1Password for Windows which was released years later, I'm afraid.

    Please email us at support+forums at agilebits dot com (and be sure to include your forum username and a link to this thread for reference) so that we can answer any other questions you might have or help with any licensing issues. :)

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