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stuck at part where 1password asks select columns
I am trying to set up a new windows user with 1password. He used to use Roboforms but I cannot get it to import his data, it keeps saying select columns. see picture


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    phatboy, welcome to the forum!

    There's no image uploaded with your post :( but it sounds like you're trying to import the Roboform data as delimited text.

    Instead, you should be able to import Roboform Passcards as 1Password Logins by following these instructions (from How do I import data into 1Password for Windows? in the FAQ section of the user's guide):

    Roboform Passcards

    In RoboForm 6.9, use the “print list” feature, making sure you select the “full URLs” option, to create an HTML file containing your Passcards. Import the resulting HTML file into 1Password for Windows.

    Important: Roboform 6.10 and later versions seem not to include the ability to export your complete Passcard data. If you don’t select the “full URLs” option available in Roboform 6.9, your imported Logins won’t work as expected in 1Password for Windows.

    I hope that helps.
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