Installed on iPad. Where is in on my laptop

I installed the 1Password Pro on my iPad and sync my iPad with my laptop but cannot find the app to use on my laptop. I only see the app in my iTunes but now desktop icon to open it up.


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    The Mac app is a separate item and a separate purchase from the iPad version. It sounds as though you never got the Mac version.

    If that's so you have two options.

    1. Buy from the Mac App Store (which is different from the iOS App Store). This will allow iCloud sync if you want it., as well as Dropbox sync and other methods.

    2. Download direct from AgileBits. This is a trial version, working without restriction for 30 days, but requiring you to buy a license to use it for longer. iCloud sync does not work on this version, due to restrictions by Apple, but Dropbox sync (and other methods of syncing) work fine.

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    @mackie57: danco is correct: 1Password is licensed per-platform, so you only buy it for the devices you'll actually use it one. Me? I am totally not buying the Android version. At least not until I get an Android device. :p

    You can read more about the specifics of how 1Password licenses work on each platform (Mac App Store, Google Play Store, etc.), and be sure to let us know if you have any questions. We're always here to help! :)

  • So as I understand from reading on more. Being as I am running a Windows 8 laptop, plus the iPad (which 1Password is installed on) I would have to purchase 1Password for Windows? Correct? If so, can I snyc the two of them so they would both be updated regardless of what device I add a new password? Also, I have a Q10 BB. Can I access the 1Password from my phone? I'm thinking by iCloud only. I also have another Windows laptop that I would like to have access to 1Password. What would be the best direction to achieve my goals in this situation? Thanks so much :-)

  • You can't sync an iPad to Windows using iCloud. Apple don't make the technology available on Windows. You'd need to use Dropbox or Wifi sync;

    I know that some users have managed to get 1Password for Android working on Blackberry but you have to sideload the beta versions as the Google Play Store is not available on that platform. Basically it's unsupported and you takes your chances. The Android version doesn't support wifi sync yet so Dropbox is really your only option.

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    @mackie57: As RichardPayne mentioned, iCloud Sync isn't supported on Windows. Dropbox is an excellent solution for cross-platform syncing though, and I use it personally between more PCs, Macs, and iOS devices than I'll admit publicly. ;)

    And just to be clear: a single 1Password for Windows license will entitle you to use it on as many PCs as you like -- no need to buy a separate license for the second laptop in addition to your Windows 8 machine. You'll just need to install Dropbox, tell 1Password to put your vault there (File > Preferences > General > Move to Dropbox), and then all you need to do is direct your other computer to use that vault in your Dropbox folder as well.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let us know if you have any other questions! :)

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