Improvement request: Make long edit dialogs fit!

Easily my biggest annoyance with 1-Password for Windows is how, when the screen gets even marginally filled up, the OK and Cancel buttons go below the bottom of my monitor.

Please add my vote to making this stop ;)



  • LauraRLauraR

    Team Member

    @aliteralmind - you will need to collapse the sections that you are not working on and then you will see the OK and Cancel buttons. I will pass on your request to make this window scrollable.

    ref: OPW-170

  • edited April 2015

    In my opinion, unless I explicitly drag the window down to the bottom of the screen, there should never be a situation where the OK and cancel buttons exceed the bounds of the monitor.

    Thank you for passing on my request.

  • AlexHoffmannAlexHoffmann

    Team Member

    You're welcome @aliteralmind!
    This is certainly something we'd want to improve in 1Password 4 for Windows.

  • Excellent.

    Otherwise very happy user on both iOS and Windows.

    You guys make executor/legal stuff a whole lot easier. Like, now it's only ridiculously hard and time consuming :) Before it was just plain impossible.

  • LauraRLauraR

    Team Member

    @aliteralmind - So glad you are otherwise a happy user. And good luck with all the legal stuff :)

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