Export to CSV only exports some fields [Intentional, use 1PIF to include all data fields]

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I added some fields to a Password item but if I'm exporting this record to CSV those fields are not exported - only title,notes,username,password,url are exported??

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    @pahu Correct. Export to CSV will only export known (built-in) fields, not your custom fields. This is the designed behavior. Alternatively, you can export to 1PIF which is essentially JSON and does include your custom fields.

  • Searching the Forum I found that the only way to print a record would be to Export as CSV - so if I cannot export custom fields to CSV how do I print?????

  • svondutchsvondutch

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    @pahu Because printing is essentially a plain-text export, it is horribly insecure. Our advice is not to print your passwords. If you really must print them, then please store them in a safe.

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    Hi @pahu,

    To expand on what Stefan already mentioned, 1PIF is a text format like CSV. You can still open 1PIF in NotePad and print them out. Please be careful with the export files.

    CSV is not a flexible format that can accommodate all of the custom types and fields. That's why 1PIF is needed as it is based on a standard text key-value format, JSON.

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