1Password database backup failed

I am getting the following error message every few minutes:

My situation is very similar to this discussion:

I am using version 3.8.21 (build 32009)



  • @agoodman because you are using 1P3 I've moved your post to the 1P3 forum where you'll get more help.


  • Hi @agoodman,

    I think the best approach would be to ask you to create the following Diagnostic Report.

    Then attach everything to an email to us: support+ [email protected]

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email, along with your forum handle so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Once you've sent the Report a post here with the ticket ID will help us to keep an eye out for it. :)

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

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