Vault issues with Dropbox on Windows Machine running either Chrome or Firefox

Hi. I had some laptop issues and had to re-install 1Password. I run both Chrome and Firefox on my pc, and since re-install it says it can't sync my vault to verify my account using Dropbox. It gives me a message informing : "changing your master password in the Mac version might correct this problem." I haven't even gotten to a password screen yet. Can you help me, it is imperative I get this to work.


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    @izzified111 - Could you create a diagnostics report as per this guide - - and email it to us at [email protected] Please can you also include a link back to this discussion.

  • I can't even log into my 1password account to do the diagnostics report. It isn't working on my computer.

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    Could you attach a screen shot of the error as this can sometimes help us troubleshoot.

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    @izzified111 This important file is missing from your vault:


    Dropbox might still be in the process of downloading everything to your laptop. My advice is to wait for this to complete.

    If this message keeps coming up, then my advice is to delete the 1Password settings. 1Password will then default to what we refer to as the 1st user experience where you can select another vault.

    If you do not have another vault, then I'm afraid you have no alternative then to restore a recent backup. This isn't something we can repair.

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    Hi @izzified111,

    You might also want to do a reboot after Dropbox finishes the sync. Some users had to reboot and that was enough to fix it.

    If that didn't help, please email us at [email protected] and we'll help you fix this.


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