Merging Mac & Windows Data

Just brought 1Password for Windows after using 1Password for Mac for quite a while.

Is there any way to merge my Mac data with the windows data one as I can't use Dropbox due to it being blocked by the Corporate proxy blocking it.

Export just seems to export Logins, so I don't get the Wallet, Software, Secure Notes & Identities.

It would be nice if it was possible to merge the two rather than having a Home & Work keychain.


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    Nogbad, welcome to the forum!

    1Password for Windows currently imports and exports only Login items, and Dropbox is the only sync option available at this time.

    I'm sorry not to have a more helpful answer for you. :(
  • Thanks Dan.

    Guess for the mo I'll have to stick with two keychains.
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    Sorry for the inconvenience, Nogbad.

    (If only I were Dan Brown... (cash))
  • Oops sorry David :)
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Oops sorry David :)

    No problem! It happened a lot more often when his books first got popular. :)
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    i backup up my mac os 1password and then restored it onto the windows version. everything seems to be there.
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    i backup up my mac os 1password and then restored it onto the windows version. everything seems to be there.

    Welcome to the forum, iamluvinlife!

    There's no need to use the backup function for a one-way copy, as you can do the same thing with the 1Password data file/folder (a.k.a. keychain): that is, just copy it from your Mac to your PC or vice versa.

    The important thing to remember is that you're left with two distinct and unrelated sets of data that will quickly get out of sync.

    Dropbox really is the solution for true synchronizing if you're using 1Password on multiple Macs, PCs, and iOS and Android devices.
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    I too experienced the inability to sync from work. I run 1Password on my home Mac, work 'Winders' laptop, iPad and iPhone.

    What I do to sync is reach back and unplug my LAN cable. This puts me onto our guest wireless network that allows me to sync to DropBox.

    I jack back in and all synced up!

    I suspect others may not have the same option as I but just showing that there are ways to do things!

    Good Luck!
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    :D Slick, MTShipp!
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