Error occurred when extracting the archive

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  • I am using 3.8.21 and received an update message - and I have tried numerous times and also receive an error message. I'm just trying to update to the next 3.xx version. Here is the update notice: This is a free update for all 1Password 3 license holders. Please join us in the forums to provide feedback and report any issues.

    Error - "Error occurred while extracting the archive"

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    @brullotj: Sorry for the trouble! I hope you don't mind, but I've moved your post to the 1Password 3 for Mac category, since the other discussion was about issues with the Windows version updating.

    It sounds like there may be a deeper issue on your Mac, since the Archive Utility is built into OS X. I'm not sure what the solution is for that particular problem, but at the very least you can download the latest version of 1Password 3 for Mac from our site (at the bottom, under "Legacy").

    Are you able to use the Archive Utility normally otherwise?

  • thanks for moving my message. I bought a new mac in March, and did a restore to move everything, applications included, from my old mac. 1Password is working properly - I can access it on my new Mac, iPhone, iPad, and use the browser extensions. It's just that the safari and chrome browser extensions won't update - but they are still working.

    I guess the best fix is just to upgrade to the newest version? I am afraid to do this and lose all of my password and the link I have to dropbox -- each time I have upgraded/installed in the past, I have had trouble with the Dropbox login creating a duplicate.

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    Hi @brullotj,

    I can't comment on pre-1Password 3 as that was the first version I used. I can comment on my experiences and knowledge of 1Password 3-5 though.

    1Password 4 was a complete re-write from 1Password 3 and as such doesn't try to perform an in-place upgrade at all. You basically downloaded a 'new' application and then 1Password 4 would check all the standard locations for an existing vault. Now everything I'm about to write applies equally to 1Password 5 too.

    The very first time you launch 1Password 4/5 it will first check both ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/, the default location of a 1Password 1Password.agilekeychain. Now people sync to Dropbox too so it will also check ~/Dropbox/ too. I'm pretty sure it scans your entire Dropbox folder for a 1Password.agilekeychain. If it finds a 1Password.agilekeychain it will use it to initialise the local vault, an encrypted .sqlite database file and then it will enable syncing to the 1Password.agilekeychain so any other copy of 1Password connecting to the .agilekeychain will also stay up to date.

    Obviously sometimes (rare) something can go wrong but as part of my role here in AgileBits I routinely trash 1Password support files and it's been rock solid for me.

    Now that's just if you want to upgrade although we've done a lot to improve 1Password since version 3. You don't have to upgrade though if you don't want to and we will assist the best we can with any issues you have with 1Password 3. The one word of note I'd add though is that as 1Password 3 hasn't been updated for a while it does mean that as newer and newer versions of OS X or browsers come along you may start to experience compatibility issues. Sometimes you need to update software X if you're updating several components it interacts with. So far it's mostly minor stuff I've noticed and I find 1Password 3 pretty much works in Yosemite.

    Which you decide is entirely up to you. If you have questions or issues you'd like us to address just post back here :smile:

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