Utility to compare .agilekeychain to .opvault?

When I exported my passwords, I had 511 but when I imported them there were only 395. I read other posts that indicated some of the passwords would not transfer, is there a way to easily find out which ones did not transfer? I use 1Password for Windows.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    I'm sorry, @chriswessells, but there's no such utility that I know of.

    If it were me, II'd display the agilekeychain vault in 1Password for Windows on my PC and the .opvault in 1Password for Windows Modern on my phone, select the All folder in both, sort them alphabetically by title, and scan them for differences.

    If you do that, please let us know what kinds of items didn't make the transition through the 1PIF export-import process, whether any items had the same title, and whether those items were of the same type or different types.

    Just to make sure, were these the steps you followed?

    1. Export all items to 1PIF.

    2. Create a new vault, using the .opvault format.

    3. Open the new vault, and import the 1PIF file, making sure you select the No to all option when asked whether to replace duplicates.

      Important: If you elect to replace duplicates, you increase the likelihood of some items failing to be imported.

  • Since I'm in the Alpha program I thought I would do a little detective work.

    I figured out what happened, or at least my theory:

    1. I exported the .agilekeychain as csv
    2. I exported opvault as csv
    3. I sorted both by title
    4. When the title is the same such as "Login" only the last item was exported to 1PIF OR the last item was imported from the 1PIF

    The pattern was consistent as I went through the exports side by side. What I don't know is if it is the export or the import process that removes the presumed duplication.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    If you have anything besides Login items in your vault, your first problem was exporting to CSV, which allows the export of only Login items. You probably want to export ALL your items, and to do that you need to export to 1PIF.

    As for duplicates, you need to have selected the No to all option when asked whether you wanted to replace duplicates.

    Just out of curiosity, do you really have Login items that have "Login" as the title?

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