aa.com login not filling correctly [W7, Firefox 38]

I have seen how-to-fill-aa-com, but I have pretty much same on Win, so I decided to post this here.
On the main American Airlines page aa.com login consists of three fields. 1P does not fill the middle - Last name . Then it takes me to the second attempt page https://aa.com/login/loginSubmit.do . There it already has the frequent flyer filled, and fills the last name and password correctly, and successfully autosubmits.
Win 7 SP1. FF 38.0.1


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    Hi @mzel,

    I've moved your thread to the Saving & Filling In Browsers forum as we now have a dedicated forum just for the extensions.

    I'm not able to reproduce the issue on aa.com home page. Can you try saving a new Login to see if it works better on the home page. Here's how: https://support.1password.com/save-login-manually/

    Please let me know if it does work.

  • Saving it again worked. Both pages are filled correctly now. I am not sure what changed. I do not see the difference visually btw the current and the old login. Possibly I saved it from the second login page. Could it be the difference between versions?

  • Hi @mzel,

    It's hard to say but I believe you may find some web form details are only visible if you edit an item. It might be that if viewing them in the edit table you then find a subtle difference.

  • I tried opening it in edit mode before and after. I guess I should have saved it as a sep login just to compare. I guess it is too late now

  • The important bit is you have a working Login item @mzel :smile: and if you find any more misbehaving sites you know where to find us :smile:

  • happens all the time. Sometimes I am too lazy to report. Sometimes I find a workaround myself. Being a programer myself I never feel happy when a problem is resolved, but the reason is still unknown. It means it will pop up again,

  • Knowing is definitely a good thing but no point kicking ourselves if we don't have the evidence now to pour over this particular one. We can wait for the next puzzle :smile:

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