Can't download 2nd App to iPhone 6+ from iCloud

I have purchased 1Password Pro and want to download the App onto a 2nd iPhone through iCloud but the iCloud icon is 'greyed out' and won't let me do it!! I thought if u own the Pro version u can have it on more than 1 device!?!? Any advice???? Thanx.


  • You should be using the iPhone application called App Store to get a second copy. You must be logged in to the App Store with the same AppleID you used for the first purchase. I am not aware of any way to download apps from iCloud. Did I misunderstand your question?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @design777,

    Your understanding is correct: you can use 1Password's Pro features on more than 1 iOS device if you've made the in-app purchase for iOS. That is assuming, as hawkmoth mentioned, you are logged into the same Apple ID on both devices.

    If you are prevented from downloading the app entirely (it is a free app, so it doesn't sound like a purchase issue) then you may want to ensure that restrictions are not enabled on your device:

    1Password has a 17+ age rating due to the fact that it contains a web browser.



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