Export of logins and passwords

i have searched but haven't found a way to export into document format login and password information. Is this feature even available? I would like to be able to pick specific accounts I have info for and export them to a document for the purpose of having something easy I can place into a safe place for future reference especially by the executor of my estate. I realize that I can just give the info to the app itself but there are items that are not applicable to the settling of my estate and it would be less confusing for everyone. If this feature isn't available I would like to suggest it.


  • You can do what you want with the Desktop application, but not with the iOS version.

  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Hi John,

    Like hawkmoth said, export is only available in 1Password for Mac and Windows.

    But I'll pass along a feature request to our developers for iOS.

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