Confirmation email not arriving

Hi I registered to join the group under my email address. I have tried several times to resend email confirmation to select link in the email. It never arrives. I have checked all my folders, whether I am accessing the email through browser or mail in mac it does not arrive. I have now registered a second time on my gmail account and this has worked fine as I could not change my registered email account when I first registered on my first email address. How can I delete the old account?

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  • Hi @andpad14,

    This is all referring to the forums, am I correct in that belief?

    What I can do if you wish is delete the other account. This isn't something we normally do but I would be willing to do so given your situation and given it's clear the two accounts seem to be related.

    Why you haven't received the email I can't say. When you say you're checking all folders I assume you're checking the spam folder as besides your inbox it's the only place new emails should end up unless you have some whacky filters.

    If you let me know how you would like to proceed and we'll take it from there :smile:

  • Hi yes, the forums, I have checked the inbox/spam both through web mail and in mail on a mac. Neither email picks up your email on my domain. I do not know why this is an issue. I have no filters set in webmail, and have deleted all in Mail email program on my mac. I emailed Nikon this weekend, I have had a response from them and my friend without an issue.

    If possible can you delete the @me account and also remove the 14 on my name on this account, the only reason I added a number was because i couldn't use it again.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi @andpad,

    Done :smile:

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