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Hi --

I am a longtime 1P for Max, iOS user. My wife suffers with Windows and we have an old license for that. My (teenaged) kids have Macs. We all have various iOS devices. I think I may have purchased v5 via App Store, so my Mac version doesn't seem to have the Vault feature, whereas my iPhone does.

I also want to use 1P at work where I have just started, in charge of the Engineering team. We're a web company, so have lots of passwords for servers, keys, databases, licenses and all.

At home, the Vault feature seems right for sharing things like Netflix logins and similar family services.

Similarly, vaults seem right as a tool for work to allow appropriate access to individuals (e.g. accounting to accounting software, development to server keys).

I want to make sure we have appropriate licensing for all entities. I suspect this is a special situation -- I am wondering if someone from AgileBits can contact me to see what makes most sense.


1Password Version: 1Password Version 5.3 (530029) Mac App Store
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Yosemite
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @Tom Harrison,

    If you've purchased 1Password for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store then you're covered for any Mac where you link your Apple ID in their App Store application. You can also spread this cover using Apple's Family Sharing but there is a gotcha, whoever becomes the family organiser pays for all purchases over all the accounts they combine under this Family Sharing umbrella. I haven't used Family Sharing myself but I think you can place controls so the kids don't go nuts and max out your card.

    With iOS it's a different matter though. We had hoped that the in-app purchase of the Pro Features (iOS) would be included in the Family Sharing but were denied close to the release of iOS 8. As a result the in-app purchase is per Apple ID but only has to be made if that person finds the additional features useful.

    Now no matter where you purchase 1Password for Mac you should have vaults, so we'd love to help you figure that one out. If you can supply some more details hopefully we can get to the crux of the issue.

    You may very well have a number of follow up questions so please do ask away :smile:

  • The issue regarding vaults with the Mac App Store version is that iCloud syncing only works for the primary vault. But if you switch to Dropbox, which works for all platforms, you can effectively use and sync multiple vault just fine. I think you're going to want to do that, @Tom Harrison, given what you say about how you want this to work for you.

    For family sharing, you can designate who is an adult and who isn't. And you can determine whether the "head" of the family group must give permission for other members to buy or not. We have family sharing set up at my house, but the "kids" are long gone and the finances are all in the same pot, so we have no issues about whether one of has permission to buy. That, of course, is why I put "head" in quotes.

  • Thank you for the extra information @hawkmoth, sometimes it takes somebody that has experienced it to say how it really works compared to anything the documents may say.

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