Migrate data from one Mac to another

Trying to sync file via Dropbox from my Mac to a new second Mac, master password asked for but does not work, hint screen also does not help. Both Macs on Yosemite latest version of 1 password

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  • I have a similar but not identical problem. I have a new iMac running Yosemite (OS X 10.10.3) The same system is running of my old (2010 ) iMac.

    I have a lot of problems with using my time machine external disk and migration assistant on the new machine. I would like to run 1Passwrod Version 5.3 on both machines until I can solve my problem and a number of other issues, e.g. will numbers on my new machine handle two Excel spreadsheets to my satisfaction. Based on some testing that I did will small files I think they will. My goal is to make all MS office products disappear from my home office.

    Questions are:

    1. May I run 1password Version 5.3 on both machines for a period of about a month, then wipe the old machine clean and send it to my daughter in another state?

    2. Since I am having problems both with using iCloud & Dropbox to store my Agile key chain and with a system migration using time machine on an external disk, is there a way to get 1 password up and running with my current key chain without having to enter all of the data by doing a lot of typing?

    Frustrated with a cluttered desk top!.

  • Hi @Alan R,

    Assuming you are indeed using the latest version of 1Password for Mac then the easiest way forward is probably to recreate the .agilekeychain from the Mac where you can access the vault. This will ensure the sync data is using the same Master Password.

    The following steps should help.

    1. Enter 1Password's preferences and switch to the Sync tab.
    2. Change the sync method from Dropbox to None.
    3. In the confirmation box that appears tick the box titled Delete data from Dropbox and then click on the Disable Sync button. This will remove the current .agilekeychain that isn't behaving.
    4. Change the sync method from None to Dropbox. Point 1Password to your Dropbox folder as you did before. If you don't remember all of the steps our page on Sync with Dropbox should assist.

    Does attempting to initialise 1Password on the second Mac work any better after you have done this?

  • Hi @henryhawk,

    I'd say your query is pretty different. Hopefully these responses help but let us know if they don't :smile:

    1. A 1Password for Mac licence covers you for as many Macs as you own. So you are definitely free to run 1Password 5.3 on both machines while you work out the kinks. All you have to do is apply the licence to the second Mac like you did the first. The reason is you aren't downloading a copy of 1Password specific to your licence and the two Macs don't talk to each other to communicate that one is licensed. It's best to imagine the software like an island in that regards. The Migration Assistant might have migrated the licence but I couldn't say for sure.
    2. If you're having troubles with Dropbox and iCloud may I suggest our Folder Sync with a flash drive. It will allow you to, with relative ease, sync between the two Macs without using iCloud or Dropbox.

    Should you have any questions at all regarding any of this please do ask :smile:

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