After installing 1Pwd ver 5.3 and adding extension to Chrome after deleting earlier one from 1Pwd 3.6.22 I cannot find the opening screen to login or establish a Main password. Using iMac Yosemetie ver 10.10.3
Attempts to open new version bring only a welcome page but no interactive areas. please advise.

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.10.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hi @Bill_Wielert,

    When you say it brings up a welcome page, does it look anything like this?

    If it does then clicking on the Awesome! Let's Get Started button in the bottom right hand corner should bring up the more normal 1Password window. If you have existing 1Password 3 data it should find it and simply ask you for your Master Password.

    If that doesn't happen does anything on this page match what you're seeing?

  • ****Yes that opened the program but there are serious differences between this new version and my older one.
    How can I reconcile these w/o manually adding each item?

  • Hi @Bill_Wielert,

    I note from your first post that you deleted the old 1Password 3 extension from Chrome but you didn't specifically mention if you had deleted the old 1Password 3 application. If you still have it are you saying that the vault in 1Password 3 is different from the one you're seeing in 1Password 5?

    That scenario would be very strange and I can only assume that possibly 1Password 5 found a second set of data elsewhere that it thought, for whatever reason, was better.

    The other possibility, and the more serious one is did you happen to use the old extension a lot and the 1Password 3 not so much? It was sadly possible for the extension to become disconnected from the main application and for their vaults to start diverging. It's one of the reasons why the extension works they way it does now - so this can never happen again. If this is the case then our only hope is if you use something like Time Machine. We could restore an old copy of your Chrome profile to resurrect the extension's database and then work to retrieve the missing items.

    So the first thing is to figure out where we stand.

    1. Do you still have the 1Password 3 application on your machine?
    2. If you do, does the vault differ compared to 1Password 5?
    3. Do you use a backup service like Time Machine?
    4. In 1Password 5's preferences, specifically the Sync tab, does it say you're syncing and if so where does it say it is synchronising to?

    Hopefully those will help paint a better picture.

  • **The 1Password 3 application is still functioning.
    Yes the logins for the two versions are different.
    !Password 3 has 225 logins. 1Password 5 shows 200 logins. However they don’t agree exactly. It appears the new version has imported an older set of logins from what I can compare.
    Time Machine is active.
    Sync shows it syncs to iCloud.

    Sorry, but I don’t understand that question. When I used the 1Password 3, I wasn’t aware of an extension. I’m sure it was installed but after that I paid no attention to it.
    I should add that some of the most recent additions of logins are not showing up in new version, so I guess it is not syncing.

    Hope this helps forming the picture. Thank you so much for your attention


  • Hi @Bill_Wielert,

    I believe that information helped immensely.

    There is really only one situation where we set up syncing without the user explicitly doing so. That situation is where 1Password realises it hasn't been run before and to initialise it pulls in sync data from somewhere. There are a few locations that 1Password will check. It will check default folders used by older versions of 1Password and it will also check for the existence of sync data in either Dropbox or iCloud.

    As you're syncing to iCloud that would strongly suggest that it found data there and made the decision that this data was the correct source to use. Now you can correct me here if it's the case that you set up iCloud sync yourself but I think we're on the right track.

    So if you're saying the 1Password 3 vault is the good one then what I will guide you through is resetting 1Password 5 after we've removed this out of date sync data in iCloud. Now would be a good time to learn of any other Macs or iOS devices where you use 1Password though. If we're going to do this we'll want to make sure we get everything talking properly and all of them using a single good vault. I think we're on the right track though and close to getting this resolved.

  • Yes I do have 1Password 5 on my iPad. As a matter of fact that’s what started this whole episode. I was trying to find out why it didn’t sync with the Mac. A two hour telcon with 3 tiers of Apple tech didn’t solve anything except their advice to buy new version from App Store.

    Now here’s a new find: a long while ago I used Dropbox. So I opened it and found five old listings of 1Password.
    Here's a Link to screenshot of Dropbox….

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zg2twhwybncol3a/Screenshot 2015-05-31 13.49.53.png?dl=0

    Maybe you can find a clue there. The dates were much older than the shot shows now.


  • Hi @Bill_Wielert,

    I'm sorry to hear you ended up with a 2 hour conversation with Apple support. So the bad news is you didn't need to buy a new version of 1Password for Mac but hopefully once we've got this sorted out you'll like the improvements.

    I also apologise for not replying again last night, the brain was getting a little foggy and I was worried about causing confusion.

    Given we've got 1Password for iOS in the mix too I'd like to ask a couple of more quick questions.

    I'd like you to start in 1Password 3 please. Can you open 1Password 3's preferences and in the General tab, right under the title Data File, it will say where your 1Password.agilekeychain is currently being stored. Can you let us know please where this is. To help, my OS X user account is called LittleBobbyTables and my 1Password.agilekeychain is currently being stored in /Users/LittleBobbyTables/Dropbox/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain. In 1Password 3 that looks like:

    Users ► LittleBobbyTables ► Dropbox ► 1Password ► 1Password.agilekeychain

    The other standard location, using my user account as an example would be

    Users ► LittleBobbyTables ► Library ► Application Support ► 1Password ► 1Password.agilekeychain

    This will tell us without any shadow of doubt where your good .agilekeychain is.

    Now to your iPad.

    1. Does it have a vault?
    2. If it has a vault, does it look like the vault in 1Password 3, 1Password 5 or even worse, does it seem different to both?
    3. If it has a vault, are you syncing anywhere? To discover this information you want to first enter 1Password's settings (it's the cog in the bottom left hand corner in 1Password for iOS when you're on an iPad). In there one of the options will be Sync - tap on that. If you aren't syncing the top line will say Start Syncing. If you are syncing at all the top line it will instead say Sync Service on the left hand side and then either iCloud, Dropbox or Wi-Fi on the right. We'd like to know that bit of information. Now, if it says Dropbox I would like you to tap that top line and it will take you to a new screen. Right under the line that says Dropbox it will show you a path, mine for example says /1Password/1Password.agilekeychain which as you can see matches the last bit of the paths above. If you could let us know that too.
    4. If you have a vault would you maybe prefer the vault was removed and what is in your 1Password 3 vault is simply pushed to the iPad too?

    Given what you have in your Dropbox that relates to 1Password I want to wipe away everything that we don't need, making sure we don't harm your 1Password 3 vault which may or may not be there. The rest is to make sure we get everything right. I do apologise for so many questions, I just want to make sure I don't cause the loss of anything. This is pretty much the start of my day so I'll be around if you get the chance to reply :smile:

  • edited June 2015

    **In the preferences of 1Password 3 under General and below Data File I see this:
    users>william wielert>Library>Application Support>1Password>1Password.Agilekeychain

    The iPad version looks just like 1Password 5 and shows sync service to iCloud and it must be syncing because it showed an item I added on the Mac. The screen that comes up choosing iCloud does not give a path, only that is checked.

    I would prefer to keep 1Password 5 on the iPad and migrate the data from 1Password 3 to both the Mac version and the iPad version, if possible. It appears the 1Password 3 was synched to Dropbox while newer version to iCloud and as you pointed out 1Password 5 sought the most accessible data file on installation. If we can be sure the correct data file will transfer, I would not object to first dumping the 'older' files.

    Please do not feel a need to apologize ,,,,you and your team provide the finest tech support I have ever seen since using computers….and that goes back to 1990.



  • Hi @Bill_Wielert,

    I think we've got everything we need to resolve all of this :smile:

    Here is what I would like you to do.

    1. Launch 1Password 5 for Mac.
    2. Select the drop down menu option Help > Troubleshooting > Reset iCloud Data.
    3. Click on the Yes, Remove Remote Data button.
    4. 1Password will notify that it has successfully reset iCloud data, click on the OK button.
    5. Steps 1-4 have removed the iCloud sync data so 1Password for Mac won't find and use it next time.
    6. Open a Finder window in your Dropbox folder. Those five entries visible in the screenshot you supplied, delete them all. Don't worry, your real 1Password.agilekeychain is stored elsewhere as you've shown us above.
    7. Step 6 will make sure 1Password for Mac doesn't find old data in Dropbox.
    8. I would now like you to follow the steps in our How do I start over with an empty vault? guide. What we're doing here is resetting just 1Password 5 for Mac - we won't be touching the 1Password 3 data. The guide covers two scenarios, one where you purchased 1Password from our AgileBits Store and the other where you purchased it from Apple's Mac App Store. I believe you've purchased from the Mac App Store based on previous comments. As long as you do not touch the following folder you are fine. The folder to leave is /Users/william wielert/Library/Application Support/1Password/.
    9. After the reboot, when you next start up 1Password 5 for Mac it will scour all the default locations. It won't find data in iCloud, it won't find data in Dropbox but it will find your 1Password 3 vault in its default location of /Users/william wielert/Library/Application Support/1Password/. 1Password 5 for Mac will set up syncing to that .agilekeychain but more importantly, it will import the entire contents.
    10. At this stage, both 1Password 3 and 1Password 5 should have the same vault. Take a moment to reassure yourself that this is the case.
    11. Everything going forward will be about 1Password 5 for Mac or 1Password 5 for iOS. 1Password 3 has served its purpose now and hopefully served you well.
    12. In 1Password 5 for Mac, open 1Password's preferences and switch to the Sync tab. It will show you as syncing your primary vault using Folder Sync to /Users/william wielert/Library/Application Support/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain.
    13. Change the sync option to either iCloud or Dropbox. The choice is completely personal, you can select whichever you prefer. If you want to Sync with iCloud that page will help, if you want to Sync with Dropbox that link will help. If in the future you want to sync to Android mobile devices or Windows machines then pick Dropbox as iCloud is Apple only. If you might want to have secondary vaults in the future, pick Dropbox. If you don't like Dropbox pick iCloud. I'm skipping Wi-Fi Sync as that's more for people that don't like cloud services and I don't think that applies to you.
    14. In 1Password 5 for iOS we're simply going to start over.
    15. With a fresh copy of 1Password 5 for iOS ready for your synchronised vault, our Existing 1Password user (iOS) guide should get you sorted.

    At the end, both your Mac and your iOS device should be in sync, using the contents of your 1Password 3 vault :chuffed:

    Now there's a bit to digest so if you have any questions at all before starting please do ask. Step 13, where you change how you sync may have a number of questions so please do ask if you're unsure about anything. There isn't a right or wrong with syncing I'd say and you can always transfer from one to another if need be.

    Hopefully though you'll be reporting back that everything is up and running properly.

  • HOORAY!!! All is well and I can't thank you enough.
    Bill Wielert

  • That's brilliant news @Bill_Wielert :chuffed:

    The sun is shining outside here and you're success makes me think today could be a good day. I hope 1Password 5 serves you well and you know where we are if you have any issues or questions :smile:

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