Second layer password

Need to segregatelogins for extra security
We have a 5 user site licence all synched with dropbox for consistancy. The boss needs a folder created where she can store logins that only she can access.

Is there a way to add a second password to a folder or a single login so she can be assured that the others in the orginization do not access these items.



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Robert, welcome to the forum!

    1Password currently does not include a way to share only subsets of your 1Password data. Anyone with your master password has access to all the data you've stored in 1Password.

    We may look at changing that design at some point in the future, but doing so would require near-simultaneous release of all our 1Password products, and there's no information about whether or when such a change might take place.
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