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I managed to import a large number of items but unfortunately they are all recorded in a single category "Login". Is there a way to take an item and change its category without recreating the record all together?


  • You cannot change the category of an item within 1P. The reason for that is that the default fields in each category are very different (although the ability to move items from one category to another is an oft-requested feature). I'm not sure how you imported. Did you use MrC's utility? If not, might it be possible to re-import using that—because I suspect that may help with preserving at least some categories?


  • Let us know how you get along @CMacRun‌

    @MrC‌ has been very helpful to so many users, very generous for somebody that doesn't work for AgileBits (he just loves the company).

  • With all the wonderful changes to customize entries with new sections and fields of our own design, It would be wonderful to change categories something like being able to:

    1. Change categories for all those entries that got loaded under logins and are email, etc to the category they belong in.
    2. Change categories keeping the sections and fields with labels as they are or even add the default fields for the new category to the end of the item being converted so that we can populate other fields quickly.
    3. Add our own category template - create a category with it's own icon and default sections and fields with the labels we typically like to see - that we can use to create and populate 1P entries.
    4. Be able to create custom icons for items in a category (other than logins) that use web address or act like the login ones do.
    5. No longer need a logins category because login, web and password fields are just fields in all the other categories. Well now I'm stretching my imagination...

    I remember when we wanted custom fields. Given how awesome the implementation of section and field customization, I expect we will be wonderfully surprised when categories can be changed. Thank you 1P dev's for the great work you do.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @zuk,

    Thank you so much for all your feedback & suggestions! We do receive a lot of requests for the ability to change the category of an item and to add custom categories, and I'd be happy to send your suggestions to our developers as well. These are the kinds of requests that are much easier said than done, so while it's certainly something our developers have been looking into, it's not something that can be done overnight. But hopefully we'll be able to come up with something in a future version!

    Be able to create custom icons for items in a category (other than logins) that use web address or act like the login ones do.

    I did want to mention that you can edit the icons of items in 1Password. Click the Edit button for an item, then you can either drag an image to the icon field for that item, or double-click the icon to see editing options. I have a feeling that's not quite what you meant, but thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

    By the way, in case it helps, this recent post on our blog gives some tips for making it easier to migrate information from one item to another.

    Thanks again for taking the time to let us know about your suggestions! Aside from that, I hope you're enjoying 1Password. We're here for you if you need anything else!

  • Thanks Drew! And yes I expected changing categories may take a while. Agile developers always come through with great implementations and until they have one, its not worth messing up code :) Thanks for the icon suggestion, it may do for what I need. And yes I had seen the blog entry that makes migrating easier and use it on occasion, but alas I have to many to do them all at once.

  • Hi @zuk,

    Anything involving categories tends to be a bit tricky yeah. Adding custom categories (a very popular request) has many complications due to how deep the hardcoded categories go into the code as well as for reasons of backwards compatibility. It certainly would be better to do it properly once rather than half-assed and then return to it later. Hopefully changing a few at a time won't make it seem too onerous.

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