Strange "Sync unavailable" after Beta update

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Normally in the working week (Mon-Fri) I do not close 1P. It is always open as a background process. Because to login with PIN is much faster than with Master Password. But on weekend I close 1P because I think it needs less performance and I do not need it.

So last Friday I closed my 1P, Today I'd like to relogin and got a message new Beta version available. I installed it and later I started 1P again. Here was (from my side) the first strange thing: 1P does not ask me for the Master Password, only for my PIN. PIN was accepted and the safe was opened. But here I got the 2nd strange think: 1P told my the sync was unavailabe. After I closed it (also as a background process) and reopened it I was asked for the Master Password and the sync was working again.

But the same thing was also one week ago (also after an update). The sync was also not working. 1P asked me (same as today) to send you a report. Last week I did it and Greig answered me. Greig thought I had no network connection. Maybe it is a fortuity only, but I think it is a little bit strange to have the same issue two times.

By the way one feature request: Can you add the possibility to login to 1P with PIN also when the program was closed from the background? For iOS it is possible. So on iPad I can close the 1P background process and can insered the PIN the next time.

1Password Version: 4.5B4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 5.0.1
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • saadsaad

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    Hey @Philipp. This is a strange behaviour, thanks for reporting it! It sounds like updating to the newer beta is causing 1Password to be in a weird state.

    I tried replicating this behaviour on my Nexus device but I was unsuccessful. :( I looked over the diagnostic report you sent over to us last week and I noticed the error you received is similar to the one our devs are looking into. This one is very difficult to reproduce and I will be passing on this information to help our team.

    As for the feature request, we are looking into something of this sort! We are reviewing ways to accomplish this on the Android platform. :)

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