1Password Custom Keyboard

This is for 1Password 5.4.3 on iOS 8.3.

Because not all application use the Share feature, wouldn't it be more convenient and universal to create a Custom Keyboard on the iOS that accesses and pastes username, passwords, or form details in 1Password?

More specifically, AgileBits should create a Custom Keyboard, either included with or separate from 1Password for iOS, that is able to access all items in 1Password on that device, be it from one vault or all vaults, and requires certain authentication, such as TouchID or Passcode, to be performed before each usage.

This keyboard should be able to both take into account the current context (as is done currently with the Share feature, where the web URL is used as the context), or allow the user to perform a full search on the active vault, either statically settable from the 1Password app or dynamically changeable from the keyboard itself.

This is a feature that is not only useful, but likely required in many circumstances. Not all usage of passwords are through the web. There are many applications such that local passwords will be required. Further, even if the passwords are required in the context of a web page, the share feature may not be available in said application.

Such keyboard will be ideal to allow the user to access 1Password anywhere (i.e. cases when Share is not available) and to choose where to paste specific items (i.e. cases when form details are not properly coded).

1Password Version: 5.4.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 8.3
Sync Type: WiFi


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @tchen

    The problem with such a solution is that iOS only allows system keyboards in password fields. Any keyboard we could create would not be allowed in password fields, which would mostly defeat the purpose.

    It would be a great idea, if not for this technical limitation (which, from a security perspective, is probably a wise choice on Apple's part).

    We do certainly appreciate the feedback though and will keep an eye out for any changes in this space in the future.


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