Display both login info and OTP on Apple Watch

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I just moved over some 2FA OTP from Authy to 1Password. Now these accounts only display the OTP but I would like ability to show both the login/password and OTP. Maybe have OTP default and ability to scroll down to see the login info.

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    Hi @bsemotiuk!

    With 1Password for Apple Watch we try to provide a bit of a separation when it comes to two-step verification like TOTP. That's why a login item with TOTP added displays only the TOTP code. That said, we're listening to how folks like yourself want to use 1Password for Apple Watch and are open to rethinking things. While that isn't a promise for change, it is absolutely a promise that will take this into consideration as we improve 1Password for Apple Watch.


  • I agree. Unless there is a strong security reason, I would like both the OTP and regular password to show. I usually need both to login, and I would see my workflow as having common logins available without pulling out my phone.


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    The thinking was that you'd be using 1Password on your computer to Go & Fill the login, and then you could glance at your Apple Watch for the TOTP.

    Personally, I'd sooner pull my iPhone out of my pocket than read one of my ridiculous passwords off of my wrist to type it in manually. But this could definitely be useful, depending on your situation. Thanks the feedback! :)

  • Totally agree, I really would like to see both on my watch. I always need both and having to look up the information in two different places does seem ridiculous. I prefer to use my watch all the time, but the one record I cant use is my Dropbox one because I cant see my login details at the same time as the TOTP

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    @NottsDaz: I hear you! The good news is that we want to use more features on Apple Watch as much as you do. And with the upcoming native SDK, the possibilities will be even greater. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • One more thing - why can I only sync certain categories to my watch? Id' really like to sync my email passwords, but it seems these don't have the option

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    @NottsDaz: Sorry for the confusion! Currently only Login, Credit Card, Password, and Secure Note items can be added, but we hope to expand this in the future.

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