Wrong birth date being filled in

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When I fill in my identity a wildly wrong birth date is often filled in.

The birth date in my identity is given as a date in 1935. (It's not my actual birth date, as that is very rarely needed, and it seems more secure to give a false date.)

But on a recent site I found it filled in a 1963 date (different day and month from what is in my identity, too). This has happened before on other sites.

What other information can I give you (either on forum or by email) to track down the cause of this issue?

1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: 4.4.0
OS Version: 10.10.4
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @danco,

    I'm guessing that as you're posting this the issue is reproducible. Could we get the URL from you - see if we can figure out why this is happening :smile:

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator


    was a competition I entered. I found it on www.theprizefinder.com, and it's still there is you do a search for 'telegraph'. The full address above probably includes a referrer and cookie.

    Yes, it's consistent in this competition, and has occurred on other sites, mostly competition ones. I'll give you an url next time I encounter one.

  • Hi @danco,

    Well I can certainly reproduce and it seems to set the date of birth to 20/12/1963 for any date of birth in your identity item prior to 1970. I've brought it to the attention of the devs and I'm being told they're going to build a test case given that particular competition page is unlikely to exist after the close of the competition. For now the best thing to do is tweak your fib so you're a spritely 45 year old or younger and that should resolve the oddity there. That unfortunately won't help if you need to be honest about your age but the devs do know.

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Remarkably weird. I'm glad to know it's not just a peculiarity of my system or vault.

  • Nope, it's our oddity @danco :smile:

    ref: OPX-1026

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Just found another site with the same issue. I tried to create an account at www.iceid.me, and it filled in date of birth as 122063. Also that site did not fill in my email.

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks, danco! I've added that as well. :)

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