Adding Records with attachments

How does 1password handle attachments in apple watch?

I created records in secure notes for my luggage locks that have combinations, one record per lock. Since I have several, I added photos,of,the locks and the instructions for changing the combination as attachments. I then added them to my watch.

However, when I try to bring up the record, all I get is the record name. No combination, nothing. If the attachments are causing the issue, is ther some way not to send them to the watch?

1Password Version: 5.4.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 8.4
Sync Type: Icloud


  • Hi @rlgleason51,

    Please bear with me here. I don't own an Apple Watch myself so this is based on what I've learnt from our forums.

    My understanding is we do strictly limit what is displayed on the watch because of space constraints. One thing I've read is we don't even support all the standard categories but instead a subset which includes

    he only supported item categories for 1Password for Apple Watch are Logins, Credit Cards, Passwords, and Secure Notes. Other category types will not display an Add to Apple Watch button.

    (based on this post)

    Even then we support certain fields. You might find that creating a Password item per lock will work better as we must be displaying the password when you view a Password item - I can't see what else we could display. I doubt the images will sync to the Apple Watch but I would hope their existence wouldn't stop you being able to view the item. This is something I will ask somebody to test though as soon as I pin down who has one :smile:

  • Thanks. I do expect to only see the password field, which is the first field of each record/security note. I just wonder if having attachments is having a negative effect.

  • Hi @rlgleason51,

    My thinking though is that as the password field is a custom field for Secure Notes we may not be displaying them at all. Instead we may be displaying just very specific and hardcoded fields from certain item types.

    This should be fairly easy to test. Try creating a new Secure note with a small amount of text in the note section and add a custom password field and set to display on your Apple Watch. Does it display the text of the note and does it show the password field at all? If my hunch is correct you will see the note but not the password field.

  • Yep. Note but no other field.

  • Hi @rlgleason51,

    I've stumbled upon a feature request relating to this. It would seem we currently do not support custom fields. This will be why you're having such a time trying to get it to work. I shall add your desire to see this happen to the existing request. Until then could a Password item prove a potential alternative to a Secure Note? Now it would have to be one Password item per lock so maybe not what you were hoping for. Let us know what you think :smile:

    ref: OPI-2659

  • I already have one secure note per lock, so that would not be an issue. Since I really want my attachments associated with my records I'll make do with the secure notes. I can live with not having them on my watch for now.


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Any time! Indeed, only certain items and fields are currently supported on Apple Watch, but we hope to add more flexibility in a future version. Thanks for letting us know you'd like us to add more as well! :)

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