Smile Software PDFPenPro Upgrade form can't be filled from 1Password Mini

I've just upgraded to the latest version of Smile Software's PDF PenPro. I needed to purchase the upgrade, but could not use the 1Password Mini menubar app to do so (the fillable fields in the web-based upgrade tool wouldn't accept input from the MenuBar app, and when I copy items (credit card number, security code, etc., from the 1PW Mini app, the foreground Mac app changes from PDF PenPro to 1PW (the main application). 1 managed to get it done, but I'm curious which software publisher (Smile vs. agile bits) is responsible for the incompatibility.
Thanks so much,
Jim Robertson

1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: 4.4.1
OS Version: 10.10.4
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @CalfeeRider,

    Smile do make some nice software, I think I'm currently running three of their products at the moment. Despite that I'm not entirely sure about the upgrade process that you're referring to. Are they displaying a web page from within their software? If they are then unfortunately we wouldn't be able to fill there but it isn't anything Smile are doing but instead how filling works.

    Filling requires the browser extension which is what communicates with 1Password mini. So at the moment filling is strictly in one of the major browsers (or most standard Chromium based ones). 1Password for Windows have something called Auto-Type and we have a feature request to bring this to 1Password for Mac. This would allow us to, in a much more limited way than extension filling, to interact with fields in arbitrary applications. Even though you might be interacting with a web page inside Smile's upgrading process they won't (quite rightly) have any way to our extension.

    So for the moment your only option would be copy and paste. This is of course assuming I've understood correctly. If that isn't the case and you're actually trying to interact with a webpage from your standard browser then that's an entirely different matter. If you could help guide me to the correct page I will certainly take a look and see what I can see :smile:

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