Set up woes [resolved through email]

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  • Down loaded app from agile because I am running Mac 10.6.8 and app store will not supply a version for this machine
  • Ipassword on this machine is version 3.8.22
  • Downloaded IOS 8 app from app stores. running 8.3
  • Bought Mac licence but of what I bought that is NOT clear what the text means (is it a iOS licence also?)
  • spent 4 hours getting Mac vault created (locate, enter, test). Delete the odd stuff pulled in from Safari and Firefox
  • then tried to sync iOS to the vault over wifi as I have issues with dropbox and icloud (I never seem to get these working correctly)
  • there is NO SYNC icon in the Mac preferance pane (no wifi, icloud or dropbox). The app says I have a licence. AGile website says I have a licence
  • tried to get iOS upgraded to pro but it wants more money (I have just spent $AUD100 on the licence)
  • my email address with AGILE is different from my applestore email address
  • I seem to have at least two logons with AGILE (customer care and this forum) and possiby the licence thingy
  • I have read so many manuals I am getting confused

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  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    I'll answer a couple of your bullet points.

    The email message you received after buying from the AgileBits web store contains an long alphanumeric string, which I assume Is the text you refer to. That text string is the license key that you will enter to register your license, which will keep the application from leaving the test period after 30 days.

    And, the iOS version is sold separately from the Mac version. 1Password for each platform is sold completely independently of any others you may have. In the case of the iOS version, the app is free to use in its basic form, but accessing the more advanced Pro features does require an in-app purchase, regardless of whatever other licenses you already have.

    I don't see any reason why it should be a problem for you to use different email addresses for buying from AgileBits, buying from Apple's stores, and for this forum. If your email address here is the same as the one you used to buy your license, sometimes that simplifies answering your licensing questions, because staff can search for your license information by that common email address.

    Given that you are on version 3.8.22 for your Mac, you wouldn't be able to use iCloud in any case. That version predates iCloud, so it has no support for that, regardless. If you were to upgrade to the most recent version in the future, you would still be unable to use iCloud, because Apple only allows it for versions they sell themselves. That makes the software sold by AgileBits unable to access iCloud.

    I'm not sure what your troubles might be with Dropbox syncing, though. I'm sure that there will be those who can help you get it going if you describe your difficulties. It has worked flawlessly for me since I began using 1Password 3. I'm not a user of WiFi for syncing, so I'll defer to others about that.

    Sorry it's been frustrating. Ask more questions here as they arise. The help is good and usually very prompt.

  • Hi @egdirdle,

    Given you're running a much older version of 1Password, most of our support documentation won't be applicable to you. Instead I would recommend reading first this KB article, How To: Configure Dropbox Syncing (1Password 3) and then this other forum thread. The second link is because so much as changed that 1Password 3 cannot see that Dropbox is running any more and that post shows you how to work around this quirk. Dropbox can work as there are a number of users that still do this and it's just as well as it's the only form of syncing available between 1Password 3 for Mac and versions of 1Password for iOS greater than version 3 (so 4 & 5) - Wi-Fi Syncing won't work between 1Password 3 for Mac and 1Password 5 for iOS as so much changed in version 4.

    The basic version of 1Password for iOS is free and it's only if you see value in the additional features that you would need/want to consider the in-app purchase of the Pro features. Our page, Pro Features FAQ (iOS) has more on this. It is optional but our licences are per platform rather than a single purchase that covers all.

    Hopefully those links regarding Dropbox help but if not please do let us know and we'll work with you to get this figured out.

  • I have the key and as i said the mac app is licenced.

    But another $40 for the two phones makes this free app the most expensive solution I have purchased in 10 years. Ouch.

    It is all too, too hard so I have exported the 4 hours of work of entering the passwords and other data and deleted the app.

    I will try the many other's now.

    I have emailed a request for refund. Its taken about 24 hours of frustrating effort to get here.


  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    Sorry this hasn't worked well for you, but I will comment that it's hard to imagine how it could cost $40 for your iOS devices. If that's a key issue for you, let us know how you came to that conclusion. I'm reasonably sure that that can't be the case, unless there are four people involved, each of whom uses a separate AppleID, and all of whom need the iOS "Pro" feature.

  • brentybrenty

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    @egdirdle: Ah, I thought that sounded familiar! I responded to you via email earlier, so I'll close this discussion and we can continue the conversation there to either get the license situation under control (40$ sounds like an App Store glitch) or issue you a refund for your AgileBits Store purchase if needed. Cheers! :)

    ref: DXM-93822-224

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